Dr Danni

I was first introduced to Andy several years ago at a continuing education conference held at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.  We both signed our names at the reception table in the lobby and even though we just said our hellos that day I was intrigued and had a sense that we would become good friends.  Years later, we found each other again on the board of the Genesee Valley Veterinary Medical Association where I got to know Andy a little better and really understood how thoughtful and comprehensive and intelligent he is which fostered a deep respect from me.  At the time, my personal cat, Claude, was fighting a losing battle against arthritis despite steroids, adequan injections, and oral glucosamine. I come to find out from another colleague that Andy does acupuncture for animals! He came to my house to treat Claude every 3-4 weeks. Claude practically became a kitten again!  Watching how gentle and loving Andy was with Claude really inspired me to channel that deep compassion to my patients and clients.  Andy, at that point had become a cherished friend and mentor.  Over the last couple of years, Andy has given me valuable advice on a wide range of topics – business start-up, employee contracts, and inspiring positive communication with colleagues, staff, clients, friends, and family.  Most of all, Andy has helped me tremendously through something I’ve struggled with my entire life: confidence.  Andy has helped me learn how to get out of my own way so I can dare to take risks and be a better veterinarian and a better person.  Priceless!  Thank you, Andy!!

Danni Shemanski, DVM, MA

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Dr Shemanski is the founder of Zen Your Pet. Organized to enhance the lives of people and animals through fun, mindful interaction and connection.